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Since 1972

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Studio De Marco is a unique firm based on its professional skills and on its Clients, oriented to produce the diffusion of shared knowledge and treasuring its wealth of experience.

The Firm was founded in Rome by prof. Aldo Gianfranco De Marco who, since the beginning, wanted to give a high-level advice, joining the technical expertise and the rigor of the approach.

About Us

Studio De Marco is a unique firm based on its professional skills and on its Clients, oriented to produce the diffusion of shared knowledge and treasuring its wealth of experience.

Pursuing the creation of economic and social value and operating in compliance with criteria of legal legitimacy on the basis of shared values are the key elements for the Firm’s success and future. The Firm, indeed, operates according to the principle of professional independence in obedience to the regulation of professional responsibility and the institutions that oversee the profession.

The Firm considers integrity as an essential element of professionalism, aware of the contribution that each one can give to the development of services’ quality. Fairness and transparency, role of service, excellence, innovation and centrality of the person, constitute the system of values on which Studio De Marco is based.

In the relationship with Clients the Firm is committed to act with fairness and integrity, to safeguard the confidentiality of acquired information, to maintain always a position of intellectual and economic independence, to ensure the achievement of high quality standards and to protect Client’s interests.

Studio De Marco provides quality and high value added professional services, adapting performances to the Clients’ demands, using alternative solutions, transferring professional experience, developing services on the basis of needs and depending on the goals of each Client and ensuring a differentiation of the answers and a personalization of solutions proposed.

Studio De Marco’s competitive differential is the service’s quality, which features by:

  • the application expertise;
  • the relationship with the Client and the ability to understand his needs;
  • the work’s integrity;
  • the response time;
  • the orientation to the results;
  • the use of modern technologies;
  • the immediate transfer of value to the Client.
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    Studio De Marco’s most important asset: the capacity and professionalism of people working [...]

  • Certified Quality System

    Studio De Marco has adopted a quality management system certified in compliance with the International Standard UNI EN ISO 9001 [...]

  • Code of Ethics

    Studio De Marco intends to pursue its activities with the maximum transparency and ethics, with integrity and [...]

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    Networking skills

    Studio De Marco can provide its Clients the opportunity to treat, evaluate or develop [...]


Ottavio De Marco
  • Name Partner
Ilaria Cerreta
  • Head of Tax and Accounting Department
Massimo Fabbri
  • Head of the Corporate and Insolvency Department
Barbara Trizzino
  • Head of labour and payroll Department
Francesco Careri


In the typical activities of the Chartered accountant and auditor, Studio De Marco has an articulated range of services offered in an always-innovative key and directed to achieve the highest level of capitalization for Clients, summarized and divided into the following areas.


The Studio De Marco offices are located in Rome (Prati-Delle Vittorie district) close to the Tiber River and the historic center.

The elegant Umbertine building, in addition to offering a large and functional workplace, is equipped with meeting rooms and audio-video conference facilities, using computer systems, continuously updated, which enable firm’s members to work in a safe, efficient and quick way.

Professional studio is equipped with car parking and is easily reachable by car, as located near Piazza Mazzini and the Lungotevere Michelangelo.

The offices is also easily accessible by public transport: tram (line 19), bus (line N7, 280, 301, 982) and metro (line A, “Lepanto” station).


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