It is the Firm’s belief that the development of the future chartered accountants is one of the most important duties of the partners and that the training of the chartered accountants represents one of the most fundamental requisites of the members of the Firm.

The Firm is always interested in knowing motivated, responsible and talented people and regularly employs young newly graduates on a short term or permanent basis.


Curricular Stages

Studio De Marco has signed with the “Sacro Cuore” Catholic University an agreement to allow students of the last year of the course in “Services Management – profile Professional Services” to carry out the Semi-annual stage and the acquisition of university education credits.



Professional training is a prerequisite for supporting the National Examination for admission in the exercise of the profession of Chartered Accountant and Legal Auditor.

To qualify for a Vocational Exam, at the end of the course of university studies, the trainee must have done a period of internship (eighteen months as CPA and three years as Auditor).


During the course of their traineeship, the “trainees”, which are typically small in number, engage in the activities of the Firm with the goal of guaranteeing them well-rounded and broad training in multiple areas of practices.

At the end of each six-month period, the “trainees” are subject to evaluation in order to agree upon the renewal of their practice at the Firm, until the end of the period of the mandatory legal training.

Newly registered chartered accountants with the necessary qualities that show that they have acquired specific skills, can be added to the Firm’s staff.

If you wish to apply for such a position and have an excellent CV, a good knowledge of English, particularly business English, send your CV (together with authorization to process personal data in compliance with the law n° 196/2003 and the attestation, by D.P.R. 445/2000, about the accuracy of the data in CV) indicating which exams you have taken, and in the event of job opportunities consistent with your profile and your expectations you will be contacted.