Studio De Marco’s most important asset: the capacity and professionalism of people working with the Firm.

Preparation, commitment, willingness and ability to report are the characteristics of the people working with the Firm. To our people is asked a special effort to develop the capacity to understand the Client’s needs, always taking proactive attitudes, while maintaining the rigorous approach adopted to date so as to preserve Firm’s own identity.

The common desire to treat each practice with the same care, rigor and professional ethic as well as work’s style based on the commitment and dedication to the Client allow the Firm to achieve its priority: Client confidence in the professional organization.

The Firm invests in the development and in the professional growth of the staff and employees, enhancing technical skills, autonomy, the ability to solve problems and to understand the Client’s needs, while respecting shared values. To that end, the awareness and the constant training are considered essential and characterizing elements to improve the professional and to provide high quality services to Clients.

Studio De Marco takes responsibility for the work’s quality done by its people and is aware of the impact of their activities on the Client. In performing its assignments Firm’s professionals flank and relate constantly the Client, informing him quickly and with transparency about the development of activities, involving him in any checks and decisions.

Studio De Marco, pointing to a constantly updating and allowing the knowledge’s passage from the professional individual’s sphere to the Firm’s collective, always intends to propose Clients innovative issues and this helps Studio De Marco to respond to always more complex questions.

Studio De Marco promotes an intensive training activity and its members take part as speakers to courses of specialization concerning corporate, tax and insolvency law.

It is for these reasons that Studio De Marco, over the years, has been able to deal with and to solve the professional matters in the interest of its Clients and respecting the ethics principles.

Certified Quality System

Studio De Marco has adopted a quality management system certified in compliance with the International Standard UNI EN ISO 9001 in order to pursue continuous improvement in professional services and to verify the performance achieved.

Studio De Marco has a documented and controlled management system, through which the Firm identifies the politic, the goals, the organization and the managing criteria of the Quality System, thus over time has been consolidated and improved the quality standards of services provided.

Studio De Marco operates, therefore, in compliance with internal procedures, which placed its focus on Client’s satisfaction, keep under constant control all phases of the professional services as required by the law.

The Firm uses tools to measure objectives and improvement made, to monitor the progress of services, designing together with Clients joint itineraries of success and profitability.

Studio De Marco plans all the processes of monitoring, measuring and improving in order to provide the Client, in a logic of “total service”, demonstration of the quality in professional services while achieving the objectives set for the Client full satisfaction.

Studio De Marco’s certification of the quality management system is issued by R.I.N.A. Services S.p.A. (Italian Naval Registry Group). The Firm’s Quality System was established in 2001, while its first certification was issued on the 25th of February 2003 (IAF sector accreditation No. EA:35 and for the following field of activities: “tax and administrative consultancy and auditing”), both nationally (CISQ / Rina Services S.p.A.) and internationally (IQNET).

Code of Ethics

Studio De Marco intends to pursue its activities with the maximum transparency and ethics, with integrity and fairness.

The subjects related to Studio De Marco must show total commitment to shared values and moral rectitude of the actions undertaken on behalf of the professional organization.

To that end, Studio De Marco has developed its own Code of Ethics. It is an instrument adopted by autonomous and applicable in general terms by the parties related to the Firm, in order to express and apply the principles of “professional ethics” that the organization recognizes as its own and which draws’ compliance by all recipients.

This tool, in fact, find the set of values that constitute the social ethics, guiding principles and basic guidelines to be followed by the Firm and by all persons whom, within their own skills and in relation the position held professional organization, the Code is intended.

The Code of Ethics’ objectives are not only legal and economic, but are dictated by a clear social and moral commitment that Studio De Marco has always been taken as a distinctive feature of his professional integrity.

The Code of Ethics’ principles and provisions shall be binding on the Firm’s Partners, for all the Employees and all those who work for the Firm, whatever the relationship that joins them to Studio De Marco (“Associate”, “Counsel” and “Trainees”), and, more generally, whose activities in behalf of Studio De Marco, or under the control of the Firm or to persons authorized to attend the Firm for studies or researches.

To ensure adequate diffusion and application of the Code of Ethics Studio De Marco’s Partners have identified a person, the Compliance Manager, who is the authority figure to receive, analyze and investigate reports of Code’s violations (providing for the confidentiality of warning) and address the spread of it through the most appropriate communication channels.

Friendship & Partnership

Networking skills

Studio De Marco can provide its Clients the opportunity to treat, evaluate or develop business and investment throughout all the Country by collaborations with other certified professionals (notaries, law firms, …), personal relationships and partnership (auditing firms, companies trusts, banks, financial brokers, …).

For each client and for any transaction Studio De Marco is able to choose the best combination in local professionalism and experience, taking into consideration any specific preference that the client might have.

Foreign operators setting out to work in Italy need to find professionals with the necessary language skills, experience, and open-mindedness that are needed to grasp the goals and operating modes, and that can provide the cultural mediation elements that make it possible to set up business in Italy in a welcoming context, characterized by maximum reduction of formal and operating complications. Studio De Marco has the skills, experience, and contacts necessary to provide valid support for both the foreign operators setting out to work in Italy and Italian operators setting about internationalization.