Pro bono and social commitment

We consider a moral duty to carry out pro bono activities and in fact, as always, Studio De Marco’s Professionals engage in favour of the community and the individual; we cover, without charge, positions in institutions involved in social and we provide expertise to those who have no chance of remunerate it.

In this spirit and in the belief of the profession’s social function, Studio De Marco commits part of its resources by supporting some socially useful initiatives, also strengthened by the own specialization in Non-Profit.

Studio De Marco is available to evaluate the acquisition of assignment without charge in favour of needy and deserving individuals or non-profit organizations that request it.

The Firm performs the selection of cases to be followed by discretionary policy according to ethical and fair principles, avoiding to assist entities with strong political connotation and to follow issues that may have an economic return.

Actually Studio De Marco supports:

FSHD Italia Onlus


“FSHD Italia Onlus” supports medically and psychologically, protects patients’ rights suffering from Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD), and supports scientific research, because only in this way the utopia of today can become the reality of tomorrow: a world where you can recover from Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy.

“FSHD Italia Onlus” collaborates with institutions and organizations active in the fields of scientific research, of social and health care and of the protection of patients’ rights.

You can make a donation via Bank transaction.

Bank: Banca Prossima

IBAN: IT 28 F 03359 01600 100000004484


Protection International AISBL


Protection International supports individuals, organisations, networks, and communities whose right to defend human rights is being violated through threats, physical attacks, restrictions tot their fundamental freedoms and judicial harassment, stigmatisation or other forms of repression.

Protection International is an international, non-profit organisation that works to improve protection to people who defend human rights, by supporting them directly through protection strategies and security management tools.

Protection International promotes the right to defend human rights through research and advocacy, at national and internal level, for the establishment of public policies for the protection of human rights defenders.

You can make a donation via Bank transaction.

Bank: Belfius Bank

IBAN: BE37 7765 9747 4328