Job – young chartered accountant

Job - young chartered accountant

We select a young chartered accountant (maximum 35 years old and minimum 5 years of experience) with excellent knowledge of accounting and tax returns.

For a long-term collaboration aimed at personal and professional growth within the Firm, autonomy and problem solving skills are required.

The selection of the young chartered accountant is open to candidates of both sexes and will take place next September.

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Our Firm invests in the development and in the professional growth of the staff and employees, enhancing technical skills, autonomy, the ability to solve problems and to understand the Client’s needs, while respecting shared values. To that end, the awareness and the constant training are considered essential and characterizing elements to improve the professional and to provide high quality services to Clients.

Preparation, commitment, willingness and ability to report are the characteristics of the people working with the Firm. To our people is asked a special effort to develop the capacity to understand the Client’s needs, always taking proactive attitudes, while maintaining the rigorous approach adopted to date so as to preserve Firm’s own identity.

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